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o 8140pFoodBruce is a Brown Bear. He is also the color brown. Bruce lives in Montana in the United States.

He eats mostly fish and berries. Bruce likes to eat rainbow trout from a river nearby.

2022-05-23 14:40:30
o 6160pGood ByeLet's say Goodbye to Bruce for now.

We will see him soon.

Bye for Now!

2022-05-23 14:42:46
o 5150pWinterWhen winter comes, bears will build a den to live in. They will stay warm and sleep most of the time.

More on that at a later time.

2022-05-23 14:41:24
o 4130pHelloLet's say Hello to Bruce.2022-05-18 15:48:44
o 3120pBearsBears live all over the world. There are many different types of bears.

Here is a list of some of them: brown bears, black bear, grizzly bears, and even the polar bear.

2022-05-23 14:43:53
o 2110pIntroThis is Bruce the Bear. He is really friendly. He is my friend.2022-05-13 14:35:23
o 1100pcameron1.jpgDedicationCameron picked out Bruce the Bear and we named him. I have written this first story with her ideas. We will work together on more stories about Bruce.2022-05-18 14:35:29

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